Karestan C. Koenen featured in Wired and SELF

Dr. Karestan C. Koenen, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, has been recently featured in “This Mental Health App Is Tailor-Made for Your Pandemic Woes” by Wired and “What the Pandemic Is Doing to Our Mental Health—And How We Can Cope” by SELF.

In This Mental Health…, author Matt Simon writes about Covid Coach, a new stress management app created by the National Center for PTSD. In What the Pandemic is Doing…, Dr. Koenen explains the difference between stress and trauma and how the coronavirus pandemic can trigger both. “A stressor might be as mild as worrying that we’re late to work because we missed the bus, or we have a test coming up,” she says in the SELF article. “What makes something traumatic is when it at some level overwhelms our ability to cope”.