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The Department of Health Policy and Management (HPM) is committed to training and inspiring the next generation of health care leaders. Our academic programs focus on developing the critical thinking and applied problem-solving skills needed to address a wide variety of challenges throughout the health care delivery, public policy, and public health systems.

HPM offers the following degree programs:

HPM participates in the following related degree programs:

Master of Science in Health Care Management (HCM) Degree Program
The 42.5-credit Master of Science Program trains clinicians in the executive skills required for management. The professional degree is targeted to mid-career MDs, DMDs, and DDSs with significant management responsibilities who wish to be more effective in their roles in the health care sector. Applicants accepted into the program must demonstrate, through grades and standardized test scores (MCATs or GREs), the potential to learn effectively in a challenging educational environment. Managerial experience and responsibilities indicating executive leadership potential are required.

For more information about the HCM Degree Program, please contact:
Colin Fleming
Phone: 617-432-7075

Sue GoldieMaster of Science in Health Policy and Management (HPM) Degree Programs

Two-Year Master of Science Program (SM2) – 80 credits

The 80-credit Master of Science Program is a degree designed for students who are building professional careers in health-related fields and who aspire to leadership roles. The program emphasizes professional skills and concepts, a solid grounding in the substance of health problems, rigorous quantitative training, and a curriculum that combines professional, academic, and field practice activities.  Acquired knowledge is applied to practical situations through a required summer internship and an applied field research and practice program.

Applicants to SM2 program are expected to have full-time work experience and an academic record, particularly in quantitative and analytical courses, that suggests outstanding potential for leadership in health policy and management. Applicants should have at least two years of relevant postbaccalaureate work experience in a health related field. There are three possible tracks in this degree program, including Management, Policy, or Research.

ClassroomSM2 Health Policy and Management -
Management Track

The Management Track prepares professionals for managerial and leadership positions in health care organizations, such as hospitals, sub-acute and long-term care facilities, physician practices, insurers, community health centers, and other community-based organizations. The coursework is designed to give students a range of financial, operational and strategic skills. Students will be able to analyze and take actions to improve organizational performance using the skills and frameworks learned in coursework and through field experiences.

ClassroomSM2 Health Policy and Management -
Policy Track

The Policy Track prepares students for leadership positions in health policy in the public or private sectors, as consultants, advocates, analysts, or directly as policymakers. Students develop skills in applying economics and political analysis to the design, implementation, and evaluation of public health policies. Students also are encouraged to develop technical expertise in one area of concentration, such as health economics, program evaluation, decision science, or health care financing.

ClassroomSM2 Health Policy and Management –
Research Track

The Research Track is designed for students planning to pursue careers in academic or research settings. Coursework emphasizes empirical methods and techniques for analytical research. Students in this concentration usually intend to pursue doctoral level studies in public health or related fields, either upon completion of the master’s program or after a year or two of professional experience in a research or analytical capacity.

One-Year Master of Science Program (SM1) – 42.5 credits

The 42.5-credit Master of Science Program is an academic degree program designed for individuals with doctoral degrees in medicine, dentistry, or other health-related disciplines who are pursuing research careers and desire intensive exposure and training in analytic and quantitative skills. The program is appropriate for students who plan to pursue academic or research careers in health policy and for students interested in domestic or international research questions. An overview of the degree requirements may be found by clicking here. The requirements outlined should be used as a guide only as they are subject to change.

For more information about HPM Degree Programs, please contact:

Elizabeth Nolan
General Program Assistance
Phone: 617-432-4506

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