Student Organizations

Below is a list of formally recognized student organizations at the Harvard School of Public Health for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Black Student Health Organization at HSPH

Chinese Students and Scholars Association at HSPH

HealthRoots Student Organization at HSPH

HSPH Adolescent Health Student Forum

HSPH Africa Health Student Forum

HSPH Christian Student Fellowship

HSPH Doctoral Student Association

HSPH East Asian Student Organization

HSPH Korean Student Group

HSPH Mental Health Student Consortium

HSPH Microbiome Collaboration

HSPH Nigerian Students and Scholars Society

HSPH Queer Student Alliance

HSPH Reel Epi Student Organization

HSPH South Asian Student Organization

HSPH South East Asia Student Association

HSPH Student Asian Health Forum

HSPH Student Causality Club

HSPH Student Club of Japan

HSPH Student Community Action Partnership

HSPH Student Epi Methods Forum

HSPH Students in Latino Public Health

HSPH Student Society of Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, and Outcomes Research

HSPH Toastmasters Student Club

HSPH Women in Leadership Student Organization

HSPH Women of Color Collective of Students and Scholars

Public Health Innovation and Technology Forum (PHIT)

Student Harm Reduction Promotion Society

Student Tango Club at HSPH

Student Dance Club at HSPH

Yan Xin Qigong Student Group at HSPH