Global Support Services

International Travel Guidelines

Residential and non-residential students traveling internationally as part of School- or University-related business including practicum/field immersion, Field Trip courses, independent doctoral research, and student organization trips should review the following resources when traveling abroad to ensure a safe and well-planned experience.

COVID Restrictions on Travel

Travelers are encouraged to check the Travel Guidance page of the University COVID-19 Information Website for updates to policies pertaining to travel restrictions.

Harvard Global Support Services

Harvard Global Support Services offers guidance to enable your success when traveling. Whether you’re a faculty member who needs guidance establishing an international program, an administrator troubleshooting international finance, or a student preparing to travel internationally, Global Support Services has the tools and expertise to help you be successful.

All students participating in Harvard Chan-sponsored travel are required to complete the following steps when traveling internationally.

  1. Visit the Pre-Departure Support website for forms, checklists, policies, and requirements.
  2. Attend an online or in-person pre-departure orientation or consultation.
  3. Complete your travel waiver that certifies your assumption of risk inherent in travel and indemnifies Harvard against liability.
  4. Complete the Travel Safety Questionnaire at least one month prior to departure.
  5. Register your travel. You are also strongly encouraged to register with the embassy of your country of citizenship.
  6. Get to know International SOS for medical, mental health, and security support and evacuation services abroad. In the event of an emergency, the Harvard Chan International Emergency Management Team will be contacted by International SOS to provide support to students.
  7. Review your health insurance to ensure you are covered abroad.
  8. Obtain a passport, required visa, or letter of affiliation well in advance. International students should consult with advisors at the Harvard International Office.

All students should consult with the department, program, or office with questions related to sponsored travel.