Student Organizations

September 2020: We have moved student organizations to a new platform, Harvard Chan Engage. Click below to visit all of our organizations and learn how you can get involved!

Click here to visit Harvard Chan Engage




Engage Tutorials

Click the links below to watch short video tutorials designed to teach you the fundamentals of using the Harvard Chan Engage platform.

  • Introduction to Engage : This 7-minute tutorial provides a broad overview . The video covers site navigation, tracking involvement, exploring organizations and events, and managing organizations as a student leader.
  • Sign in and Search for Organizations : This 4-minute tutorial teaches you how to sign into Harvard Chan Engage and search for student organizations and other resources.
  • Search for Events : This 2-minute tutorial teaches you how to search for events.
  • Update Profile and Settings : Once you’re signed in, navigate to your profile to set and update important items such as profile information, privacy settings, notifications, and interests.