Student Life

As a Harvard Chan School student, you will be part of the most globally engaged school at Harvard. You will join a vibrant, international community of smart and committed individuals, all of them dedicated to using the tools of public health to improve the well-being of people around the world.

You will work closely with faculty who have both academic expertise and hands-on experience working in the field. You will have opportunities to meet media personalities, thought leaders, government ministers, and prominent figures from around the globe. And you will collaborate with peers from many disciplines–creating lasting connections and deepening your educational experience with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Engagement Opportunities

With over 40 official student organizations including extracurricular and co-curricular in addition to academics, Harvard Chan students are active around and beyond campus. Whether going to social events set up by our Student Association or volunteering in the Mission Hill area, Harvard Chan students are continuously learning — and constantly busy!

Support Services

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health provides a wealth of services to support your academic and personal needs, from the Countway Library of Medicine—the School’s main library—to the Office for Student AffairsOffice of Diversity and Inclusion, to Harvard Health Services.

Campus Information and Resources

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