Start or Renew a Student Organization

How To Start or Renew a Student Organization

NOTE All existing Student Organizations must follow these steps for renewal. The process has been revised for 2015-16, please read the guidelines carefully. There will be no exceptions to this process.

There are two steps to applying for recognition or renewal as a Harvard Chan student organization

  1. Submit your organization’s proposed Name, Mission Statement and Objectives by Wednesday September 16 2015 for fall semester recognition and Friday February 5, 2016 for spring semester recognition. The link to fill out the online form can be found here.

OSA will review your proposal and either approve it or request revisions. Once approved you may proceed with the final three parts.

Submit the following by Friday September 25, 2015 (fall) and Tuesday February 16, 2016(spring):

  1. Student Organization Recognition Part Two, which includes:
  • A detailed list of programs and events to be held during the year
  • List all student organization officer position descriptions, names and email addresses
  • List of 10 Harvard Chan students, their email address and HUIDs who are interested in being part of the student organization
  • Faculty advisor name and email address
  1. Acknowledgement of the Harvard Chan Student Organization Policies and Procedures, signed by all student organization officers.
  1. Faculty Advisor form must be completed by your faculty advisor. The form can be found here.

Once all documents have been submitted and reviewed, you will receive your budget allocation and the Treasurer for your organization will be set-up as a vendor. Note that organizations recognized in the spring semester receive prorated funding.