Student News

HSPH Student Electronic Communication Policies

All students are required to have an HSPH email account, to check it and to view the HSPH student portal on a regular basis. Important information is disseminated through these electronic methods.

Do you have an message that you want to get out to students?

A great way to reach our students is through our Student News which goes out to students every morning. Please review the following guidelines before submitting an announcement to the Student News and keep in mind, the Office for Student Affairs has the right to edit, approve, or deny any submissions.

To post messages to the digest and to the portal you should use the following on-line web form:

Guidelines for Posting to Student News and the Portal

  • In most cases, events or other announcements may be advertised up to two times on the “Student News.” You must resubmit your announcement, it is not automatically republished.
  • Submissions to the portal will be posted online for (up to) seven days, including the day of the event. To help students plan their schedules, events can be submitted in advance.
  • Please make sure you change the Publish Date to reflect the date you wish your announcement to be in the digest.
  • The Publish Date and Removal Date should be at least one day apart, if these dates are the same the announcement will cancel itself out and will not show up for approval.
  • “Student News” will be sent every day during academic terms, less often during winter break, spring break and summer session.
  • We aim to send the digest between 10-11am each morning, this may be delayed for various reasons but we do try to be consistent.
  • Announcements should be submitted before 9am to guarantee they will be published that same day.
  • “For sale” items and housing announcements are not communicated on “Student News” nor the portal. They are advertised on the “Classifieds” website:
  • Submissions are reviewed by the OSA staff and may be edited before they are sent out in order to adhere to the formatting parameters of the technology. In addition, these policies may be changed and exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Office for Student Services.

How to Plan and Advertise an Event

  1. Student events (academic and social) are planned by students by working with the Office for Student Affairs:
  2. To advertise such events on the HSPH events calendar:, email Student Affairs.
  3. Once the event is listed on the HSPH calendar, students may highlight certain events in the “Student News” by filling out this FORM.