Cory Zigler’s R01 Funded

CoryCongratulations to Assistant Professor Cory Zigler, who’s R01 was recently funded!  The title of the grant is Causal Inference with Interference for Evaluating Air Quality Policies. Cory’s co-investigators include Francesca Dominici, Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen, Christine Choirat and Petros Koutrakis from Environmental Health.

The project will help to develop new statistical methods to compare the effectiveness of complex public-health interventions, such as regulations to limit harmful pollution emissions from US power plants.  The aims of the grant span cutting-edge work in Bayesian methods for causal inference, environmental health data science, reproducible research, and regulatory policy evaluation.  The ultimate goals of the research are to advance methods for systematic and rigorous evaluation of complex public health interventions and to provide the first statistically-based evidence of the health impacts of controversial air-quality policies.