Spring Public Speaking Workshops

We are renewing efforts to get the Public Speaking Workshops off the ground this Spring Semester. The success of these meetings will depend upon your participation! Please come prepared to get up in front of the group and give a 5-10 minute talk on your work, a journal, something you need to practice for class, etc. The goal is to become more comfortable and confident in speaking in front of groups and to learn by giving and receiving feedback from your peers.

We hope you are able to join for some of these sessions!

If you are interested in joining these, please contact Nicole Levesque (levesque@hsph.harvard.edu) for more information.

Biostatistics conference room, Building 2, Room 426
3:30-4:30 pm 

Tuesday, January 24
Tuesday, February 7
Tuesday, February 21
Tuesday, March 7
Tuesday, March 21
Tuesday, April 4
Tuesday, April 18
Tuesday, May 2