HDSI Industry Talk with Adam Vogel – 3/28

Industry Talk: Adam Vogel, Managing Director of Data Science at SignalFire

The Harvard Data Science Initiative is delighted to announce that the next speaker for our Data Science in Industry seminar series will be Adam Vogel of SignalFire.

Date: Thursday, March 28th, 5:00 PM
Location: Harvard Hall 103, Cambridge MA 02138

Abstract: Data Science in Venture Capital Investing

Venture capital is the primary funding mechanism for new data science and AI companies, yet until recently the industry itself didn’t use these technologies! In this presentation I’ll discuss the challenges of utilizing data throughout the entire VC pipeline – from sourcing and diligencing companies, winning the deal, and then to supporting portfolio companies. Venture investing presents several challenges that aren’t present in the better-known world of automated stock trading, such as private or incomplete market data, vital human relationships, and the fact that the startups of today do not look like the businesses of the past. I’ll also touch on the pitfalls of introducing new methods to legacy industries and the career transition from academia to industry.

Adam Vogel is Managing Director of Data Science at SignalFire, a re-design of the classic venture capital firm to leverage data and (semi)-automated processes for supporting portfolio companies. Prior to his work at SignalFire he was a natural language processing and machine learning academic out of the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group.

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