HDSI Industry Seminar with Justin Boelio – 9/5

Industry Seminar: Justin Boelio, Director of Data Science, Penguin Random House

Date: September 5, 2019 | 5:00 PM
Location: Science Center 309 1 Oxford St Cambridge

Data Science In Publishing: Complementing Creativity With A Data Driven Approach

Media companies can be highly decentralized and are powered by creatives and editors. These facts shape conversations about data, bound problem areas and solution sets, and even determine system design and model choice in these organizations. This presentation will take the audience through the journey of integrating data science into the systems and decision-making processes of a large publishing house, hopefully generating fruitful discussion along the way. The presentation will touch upon topics including model transparency; human-in-the-loop systems as solutions for high-veto-point environments; causal inference; and effectively blending machine-driven insights with human intuition and creativity.