Harvard Catalyst Fall Semester Events – Save the Date!

Harvard Catalyst

10/6/2021, 1-2pm
Journal Club
Robert Glynn, PhD, ScD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Mediation analysis to elucidate pathways in randomized trials

10/15/2021,  9am-1pm
Short Course
Peter Thall, PhD, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University
Statistical Remedies for Flawed Conventions in Medical Research

11/17/2021, 1-2pm
Journal Club
Hang Lee, PhD, Mass General Hospital
A glimpse of statistical methods for vaccine evaluation

12/1/2021, 1-2pm
Journal Club
Lisa Nickerson, PhD, Harvard Medical School & McLean Hospital
Enhancing Reproducibility of Neuroimaging Research with Large-Scale Open Access Datasets

12/10/2021, 1-5pm
Short Course
Lu Tian, ScD, Stanford University
RMST, an attractive alternative to the hazard ratio in survival analysis