Public Speaking Workshops

Public Speaking Consulting

Public SpeakingProvided by:
Nicole Levesque, Senior Coordinator
Please contact Nicole to schedule a consult.

Nicole has spent time working collaboratively with groups on public speaking skills – having her work critiqued and critiquing others. She is happy to attend a class presentation, practice talk, or other forum to provide feedback on your public speaking style. In a classroom setting when she may be providing feedback for several groups or people some feedback will be public and immediate, however she is also available to meet privately to discuss any concerns you may have. She will not address technical aspects of your research, but will be able to help you decipher any nervous tics or bad habits that present during your talk to help improve your presentation style.

Feedback will be given on basic aspects of public speaking such as:

  • Eye contact
  • Gauging interest of the audience
  • How to frame the talk so not every word is memorized
  • Pauses
  • Relaxed posture
  • Verbal ticks (um, so)
  • Voice projection, and talking too quickly or too slowly