Colloquium Seminar w. James Scott – 3/24

Colloquium SeminarThursday, March 24th, 2022James Scott, PhDProfessor of Statistics and Data ScienceFayez Sarofim & Co. Centennial Professor in BusinessUniversity of Texas at Austin BART and Its Variations: Three Applications in Obstetrics … Continue reading “Colloquium Seminar w. James Scott – 3/24”

Department Colloquium & Career Chat w. Bhramar Mukherjee – 4/15

April 15th – Colloquium & Career Chat with: Bhramar Mukherjee, PhD Chair of Biostatistics, University of Michigan Handling Outcome Misclassification and Selection Bias in Association Studies Using Electronic Health Records … Continue reading “Department Colloquium & Career Chat w. Bhramar Mukherjee – 4/15”