Upcoming Thesis Defenses

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Summer Project Presentations – 8/24 & 8/25

Our 2nd year PhD students will be presenting their summer projects on Monday, 8/24 starting at 4pm, with a second group of presentations on Tuesday, 8/25, starting at 2:30pm. Please email Jelena Follweiler for Zoom … Continue reading “Summer Project Presentations – 8/24 & 8/25”

Dustin Rabideau Dissertation Defense – 8/21

Dustin Rabideau will present his dissertation entitled “Robust Statistical Methods for Cluster Randomized Trials” Advisor: Dr. Rui Wang Dissertation Committee: Dr. Michael Hughes & Dr. Judith Lok Friday, Aug 21 | 9:00 AM Contact Jelena … Continue reading “Dustin Rabideau Dissertation Defense – 8/21”

Tanayott Thaweethai Dissertation Defense – 6/3

**Contact Jelena Follweiler for Zoom info 6/3/2020 at 2:00 pm Tanayott Thaweethai Adjusting for Selection Bias Due to Missing Data in Electronic Health Records-based Research Advisor: Sebastien Haneuse Dissertation Committee Members: Sebastien Haneuse, … Continue reading “Tanayott Thaweethai Dissertation Defense – 6/3”