Upcoming Thesis Defenses

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Upcoming Dissertation Defenses

Jemar Bather Dissertation Defense“Contributions to Design and Analysis of Pediatric HIV Studies”Dissertation Committee: Paige Williams, Sonia Hernandez-Diaz, Christopher Sudfield, Brent CoullWednesday, April 26, 202310:00 AM Kresge 11 – and ZoomEmail for Zoom Information Daniel … Continue reading “Upcoming Dissertation Defenses”

Upcoming Thesis Defenses

Jiali Pang Thesis Defense“Single-cell Based Method for Detecting Loss of Y Chromosome Using Machine Learning”Thesis Committee: Esther Rheinbay, Erin Lake, John QuackenbushThursday, April 28, 202210:00 AMEmail for Zoom Information Ziwei … Continue reading “Upcoming Thesis Defenses”

Camila Lopes-Ramos Receives ALA Lung Cancer Discovery Award

Congratulations to research scientist Camila Lopes-Ramos, who was recently chosen you a recipient of the prestigious American Lung Association Lung Cancer Discovery Award! Dr. Lopes-Ramos’s research involves developing and applying … Continue reading “Camila Lopes-Ramos Receives ALA Lung Cancer Discovery Award”