2022 Marvin Zelen Symposium – 4/1

Data Visualization: the 2022 Marvin Zelen SymposiumThe growing availability of informative datasets and software tools has led to increased reliance on data visualizations across many industries, academia, and government. News … Continue reading “2022 Marvin Zelen Symposium – 4/1”

Alumni Interview with Mary J. Kwasny, ScD

Mary J. Kwasny, ScD ’98 Professor of Preventive Medicine (Biostatistics) Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University Where do you currently work and what are your job responsibilities? I am working … Continue reading “Alumni Interview with Mary J. Kwasny, ScD”

News from the Statistics Department

Donald B. Rubin has been awarded the 2017 Rao Prize for Outstanding Research in Statistics. The C.R. Rao and Bhargavi Prize honors outstanding and influential innovations in the theory and … Continue reading “News from the Statistics Department”