Surprising Results in Study of Youth Born to Women with HIV

While initially looking to explore “Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Longitudinal Emotional-Behavioral Functioning Among Youth Born to Women Living With HIV,” doctoral  student Jemar Bather found a more surprising outcome to his research– that youth who … Continue reading “Surprising Results in Study of Youth Born to Women with HIV”

Educational Programs – Leadership Changes

Adapted from March 25th Chair’s Message: As many of you know, Paige Williams has been our Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), overseeing our PhD program since 2015. In that capacity, she has … Continue reading “Educational Programs – Leadership Changes”

CBAR’s Impact on Infectious Disease Research

A recent article in the Harvard Kiosk describes two decades worth of innovations and achievements in research related to HIV and other infectious diseases by statisticians of the Center for … Continue reading “CBAR’s Impact on Infectious Disease Research”