Listserv Policy

  1. Students and other HSPH community members may create and make use of an HSPH-managed listserv that may be used in fulfillment of the education, research, and service missions of the school and university. Incidental personal use is permitted as long as content is respectful of the community and does not consume significant resources, interfere with the activities of other students or employees, or otherwise violate school or university policies. The listserv membership can include Harvard and non-Harvard affiliated domain email addresses (i.e.,,, etc).
  2. All management of the list falls to the owner of the list who, at the initial request for a list name, will sign an agreement with HSPH assuming responsibility for the list and for adherence to Harvard University and School of Public Health electronic communications policies.
  3. General policy for HSPH listservs will follow the HU electronic communications policies as outlined on the Provost’s Central Administration Information Technology page and the HSPH IT policies page. As with HSPH e-mail and telephone messages, any obscene or harassing communications will not be tolerated.
  4. IT will regularly note from the server the number of messages and size of the lists to spot any unusual activity that could compromise server function for the School as a whole. Any problems will be discussed with the list owner.
  5. HSPH reserves the right to remove a listserv from the HSPH server if policies are unmet.

To request a Mailman listserv, please visit our IT request forms page, and fill out the New Mailman/Listserv Request form (option #8)