Network Policies

Enhancing the security of the HSPH electronic community is a challenging task. The greatest defense is a dialogue between the Information Technology Department and the user community.

Jack Activation

To enhance the network security at HSPH, data jacks will only be activated upon request.

Splitting of a Data Jack

Every data connection must have a data jack. Splitting of data jacks is prohibited.

Supported Protocols on HSPH Network

The following protocols may be used on the HSPH network:

  • TCP/IP (email; internet)

Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP)

In order for TCP/IP to work properly you must be assigned an IP address. This allows users network access to email and internet resources. HSPH utilizes Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP ) to assign addresses dynamically. This method does NOT guarantee that you will constantly have the same IP address.

If a static IP is necessary, then please make that request at the time of the jack activation.

All devices connected to the network are required to be set up for DHCP. Any unauthorized hard-coding of addresses is strictly prohibited.

FireWall Access

In order for any computer to have world accessible ports open on the network there needs to be a justifiable business need.  The Harvard owned computer must be scanned for vulnerabilities. Once the computer is scanned a detailed list is given to the user to make appropriate changes. Once changes are made the computer is scanned again. If no vulnerabilities are found then and only then are changes made to the Firewall.

Installation of Network Equipment

The Network Management Team will only support HSPH switches, hubs, and routers. It is prohibited for any group or person to connect additional networking equipment to the HSPH network. Any unauthorized equipment found will be promptly disconnected from the HSPH network. Examples of prohibited equipment are:

  • Linksys, Netgear, etc. wireless router
  • Other wireless access points
  • Wireless network print servers
  • Linksys, Netgear, etc. desktop switches or hubs

If you have networking needs, please contact the Helpdesk. They can be reached at 617 432-4357 or by