Automatic Security Updates

SPH uses SCCM, a solution provide by HUIT, to deploy critical security patches and updates to Windows and Jamf ,also provided by HUIT, for Macintosh computers across the school.  The service is administered by HUIT and the Field Services Team.  

Incapsula Web Application Firewall

This service protects our school’s hundreds of websites from common attacks, acting similar to virus scanning software on a computer.  It’s a cloud-based solution that secures our web applications by constantly monitoring traffic to websites to determine legitimate traffic vs. possible attacks.

Information Security Consulting

The school’s Information Security Team offers complimentary consulting on security compliance and best practices to faculty and staff.  This service provides answers to questions on topics such as patient and research data, IRB requirements, VPN, remote connectivity, and more.

Laptop Encryption

Encrypting your laptop using our Whole Disk Encyption (WDE) service is the single most important step you can take to protect your data and the University’s data in the event the device is lost or stolen.

Protecting Academic Integrity

Supported with Turnitin

Anti-plagiarism software is provided by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to promote and ensure a healthy academic environment exists for all students and faculty.  Training on the use of our current solution, Turnitin software, is available from our METS team.

Remote Access

Supported with Cisco AnyConnect, VMWare Horizon

Many users consume IT resources while not on campus.  There are 2 main options for remote access to restricted computing resources at the school:  Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  Keep in mind, however, that many services such as OneDrive, SharePoint and FILR are available from any computer with an internet connection. … Continue reading “Remote Access”

Secure File Transfer

The Department of Information Technology’s “Kiteworks by Accellion” service provides a secure file transfer solution for protecting data in transit and at rest.  The appliance uses industry-standard encryption to secure files sent or received by Kiteworks users. To access Kiteworks by Accellion, please click the link below.  Login is with your HarvardKey. More information … Continue reading “Secure File Transfer”

Virus and Malware Protection

This service provides protection to SPH-owned Windows and Macintosh computers from viruses and malware using an industry-trusted solution, CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike helps Harvard respond quickly to advanced attacks, both those that use “malware” (malicious programs specifically designed to steal information) and those that do not use malware but instead use stolen credentials to move around a … Continue reading “Virus and Malware Protection”