Facilities at SPH

Computer Classrooms and Student Computer Laboratory Space

Room Student computers Instructor computer
& projector
Kresge LL6 49 Yes Yes (2)
Kresge 2nd Floor Atrium 8 N/A Yes (2)
Kresge LL19 12 N/A Yes
Shattuck House 8 N/A Yes

NOTE: Students have access to virtual computer laboratory (VDI) on their own laptops and may access software from any location, on or off campus.  For installation instructions, please visit: VDI directions.

The Department of Information Technology maintains the audio-visual systems for classrooms and auditoria in the Kresge and FXB Buildings.

Locations and room sizes are as follows:

Room Capacity Web Streaming? **
Zoom*** Smartboard Wireless mics
Kresge G1 175 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kresge G2 70 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kresge G3 72 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kresge 200 64 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kresge 201 20 No Yes Yes No
Kresge 202A* 32 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kresge 202B* 32 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kresge 204 12 No Yes No No
Kresge 205 16 No Yes No No
Kresge 502 67 Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Kresge LL6 48 Yes Yes Yes Yes
FXB G03 17 No Yes No No
FXB G10 24 No Yes No No
FXB G11 37 Yes Yes Yes
FXB G12 77 Yes Yes Yes Yes
FXB G13 70 Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Kresge 202A and Kresge 202B can be made into one larger room of 64.
** Where available, streaming is available live and/or on-demand.
*** Zoom carts are available in all locations or portable carts are available for deployment

Server Rooms
Two climate-controlled card-access server rooms are managed by the HSPH IT Department. One is located in the Kresge Building LL and one in Landmark Center. These rooms are home to hundreds of servers used for central and departmental services.  Additionally, space is rented in downtown Boston for redundancy and disaster recovery.  Finally, many servers including the SPH website, are located in the cloud at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Pantheon, or other providers.

There are 20 kiosks located around the school providing quick access to email and the web. The kiosks are located outside classrooms for the convenience of students in the following locations:

  • Kresge G-level
  • Kresge 2nd floor
  • FXB lobby
  • FXB G-level

The Harvard Chan School has deployed wireless access points to all floors and buildings. For more information on Wireless please click here.

Video Conferencing
Zoom carts are available in all rooms and/or portable units are available.  Zoom is also available in most departmental conference rooms. Zoom is available for personal web conferencing to the entire SPH community.

Control Room
HSPH maintains a central control room that ties together G1, G2, G3, Kresge 502, Kresge 200, Kresge 202a/b and the Kresge Quad. This allows for taping of events, overflow from classroom to classroom and web streaming.