Computer Purchasing

Computer Purchasing, Set-up and Delivery

The SPH Department of Information Technology is here to help. This page will help answer questions about the services we provide to help you navigate technology purchases for new employees, existing employees, or considerations for peripherals to improve productivity. Below you will find:

  • Purchasing process
  • Purchasing recommendations
  • Set-up and Delivery Process

Purchasing Considerations

  • Consultation The IT Department is available for consultations for computer and technology purchasing. Contact us at or 617-432-HELP if you would like to schedule a consultation.
  • Consultation The IT Department can help with your computer purchasing plans. We can also advise on computing specifications based on need or workflow. We recommend first discussing computing needs with your department administrator, as they frequently have additional information about purchasing and/or recommendations.
  • Purchasing When buying IT equipment, it is strongly recommended to do so through Buy2Pay. By doing so:
    • You receive Harvard’s pricing discount.
    • Do not pay state or federal sales tax.
    • Apple computers and iPads are automatically linked to the school, speeding up deployment time.
    • Standard 3-year warranty on parts, labor, and accidental damage protection with Dell computer standards.
  • Standards Please see the list of equipment standards below. IT does not currently recommend purchasing desktop computers except for specific circumstances. Please contact the Helpdesk to discuss this.
  • Warranties Only the standard Dell computers come with a standard 3-year warranty for parts and labor and accidental damage protection. If you are buying a non-standard Dell or an Apple computer, be sure to add the 3-year warranty to the purchase.
  • If you are an administrator for your department and need more information, Harvard Strategic Procurement offers training.

SPH Purchasing Recommendations

Delivery Process

  • Please ship the equipment directly to your department instead of to IT. We have limited space for storing shipments.
  • Once it arrives at your department, complete this form to schedule the computer setup
  • IT will install the standard software (Windows/Mac OS, Microsoft Office apps, Adobe Acrobat Pro, iPrint, etc.) prior to handing it off to you. If your Apple computer is shipped directly to you (see below), the software will be installed during your remote configuration session.
  • Three delivery options
    • Pick up IT will contact you when the equipment is ready for pickup at the Helpdesk located across from Sebastian’s Cafe, Kresge, 1st floor.
    • Direct Ship IT can ship your equipment to you after it is delivered to campus. Shipping is via FedEx. A 33-digit billing code is required for this option.
    • Shipping Redirect Apple orders only. After completing the order in Buy-2-Pay, as soon as possible, complete and submit the Shipping Waiver to the Helpdesk, which will submit it to Apple. Apple will then ship the order directly to the requested address.

Remote Set-up Process:

  • Once you have the equipment, a remote appointment is needed to finalize the computer setup. If a setup ticket has not already been created, please create a new computer setup ticket here.
  • This appointment will take 1-2 hours. During this timeframe, a technician will work with you to set up your computer according to your preferences. The tech will also transfer the data (if any) from your old Harvard-owned computer to your new Harvard-owned computer.

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In you are interested in using this service, please contact the helpdesk