Group Chat and Instant Messaging

Supported with Microsoft Teams

Part of the Office365 suite, Microsoft Teams is software that works as a hub for collaboration, allowing you to chat, share and edit files, launch meetings, and more, all in real time.

Key features and benefits

  • No VPN required for off-campus access
  • Built-in integration with your Outlook calendar
  • The ability to launch and host your online meetings
  • Easy access to tools and content within your team’s workspace
  • Searchable chat, allowing channels to reduce email clutter
  • Custom channels you can create to organize your conversations
  • See a team member’s current status
  • On-the-go teamwork with the mobile application

Available to

Service cost

Core Service - Provided at no cost

Teams is included with every Office365 account.

How to get started

In you are interested in using this service, please click here.