Short Links (URL shortening)

Supported with

The service is a link-shortening web application created and maintained by the IT department for the School community. If you have a resource or webpage link you need to share, you can do so in a short and manageable URL that is prefixed with Links can be created and edited by anyone in the school with a Harvard Key, and can be distributed to and used by anyone with internet access.

Key features and benefits

  • reduces long web addresses to an easy-to-remember wording of your choice
  • target URLs can be changed as needed, with no need to re-share to your audience
  • easily brand your shared link with association to the school

Available to

Service cost

Core Service - Provided at no cost

This an easy-to-use, free service for the entire community.

How to get started

If you are interested in using this service, simply visit the page to create your short link.