Picture of James Nicholson

James Nicholson

Senior Web and Application Developer

James is a Senior Web and Application Developer on the Web Apps team. After growing up in the Bay Area, California, he received his undergraduate degree in advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He’s a self-taught software developer and has been working in IT since shortly after graduating college. In between switching careers from advertising to software development, he worked as a line cook in a busy, upscale restaurant in Palo Alto. James was recently accepted into the Master’s in Software Engineering program at the Harvard Extension School.

On the Web Apps team, James’ primary focus is WordPress development. His most recent significant project was building the backend of the “Academic Profiles” plugin, which automates the creation of web pages for the school’s 1500+ faculty. Before working at Harvard, James was an AV engineer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. One of his biggest projects there was developing an application using Google Apps Script that allowed community members to schedule classroom recordings and automated the recording process.

James lives in Boston with his partner Megan and their black lab Zerlina. Zerlina was bred to be a seeing eye dog at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California. After failing to pass the behavioral test, she (like her dad) “changed careers” and is now living the life of leisure as a civilian dog.