TIAA Institute Insights Report: “Policy solutions that implicitly expect almost everyone to delay retirement will leave many Americans behind”

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Lisa F. Berkman, PhD, and Beth C. Truesdale, PhD, have published a TIAA Institute Insights Report that pulls from book that they co-edited, “Overtime: America’s Aging Workforce and the Future of Working Longer,” to help answer the question: “Should women just delay retirement and work longer?” The report is part of the TIAA Institute’s Women’s Voices of Expertise & Experience: Insights to Help Retire Inequality series.

Winter 2023 Harvard Public Health Magazine cites work by Berkman/Truesdale and Subramanian/Kim

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In the current issue of Harvard Public Health Magazine, Harvard Pop Center research projects (and researchers) are getting some attention. The book “Overtime: America’s Aging Workforce and the Future of Working Longer” co-edited by HCPDS Director Lisa Berkman and Visiting Scientist Beth C. Truesdale is spotlighted in the “Bookshelf” section, and novel research by Faculty Member S (Subu) V Subramanian and Visiting Scientist Rockli Kim that mapped undernutrition across India’s…

Labor Day op-ed in The Nation explains why “investments in better jobs today mean better retirements tomorrow”

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Co-editors Beth Truesdale and Lisa Berkman penned an op-ed in honor of Labor Day that shares insights from their new book (that drops tomorrow!), “Overtime: America’s Aging Workforce and the Future of Working Longer.”

Truesdale speaks with CNN and NPR about realities and challenges of aging and working longer

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Beth Truesdale (visiting scientist and former Sloan Fellow on Aging and Work at the Harvard Pop Center) explains in this piece on CNN why working longer, although associated with health benefits for some, may not always be possible or healthy for others. Truesdale is co-editor (along with Lisa Berkman) of the forthcoming book “Overtime: America’s Aging Workforce and the Future of Working Longer.” She also speaks with NPR in this…

Providing a foundation for older American workers to stay in labor force longer

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Keeping older Americans in the labor force longer (a financial necessity for many; also good for the economy) may very well depend on improving the quality of their jobs when they are much younger, according to a report authored by Beth Truesdale, PhD, our former Sloan Fellow on Aging and Work, and current research associate. Tune in to this webinar co-sponsored by Brookings Institution and the Kellogg Public-Private Initiative to…

“This experiment has failed:” Beth Truesdale on shifting the burden of security in retirement to individuals

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Harvard Pop Center Research Associate Beth Truesdale, PhD, has penned a Letter to the Editor published in The Boston Globe that calls for strengthening Social Security and employer-based retirement plans. Beth is currently co-editing a volume titled Overtime: America’s Aging Workforce and the Future of “Working Longer.” This project, which is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, gathers an interdisciplinary community of scholars to examine how changes in health,…

Researchers will shed new light on working longer and delayed retirement with Sloan Foundation grant

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In the U.S., as in many industrialized nations, policymakers have embraced the notion that most individuals can (and should) work longer. But changes across generations in health, family, and work may make it hard for substantial sections of the U.S. population to continue to work into their 60s or beyond. With funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Professor Lisa Berkman and Harvard Pop Center postdoctoral fellow Beth Truesdale will…