Truesdale speaks with CNN and NPR about realities and challenges of aging and working longer

Head shot of Beth Truesdale

Beth Truesdale (visiting scientist and former Sloan Fellow on Aging and Work at the Harvard Pop Center) explains in this piece on CNN why working longer, although associated with health benefits for some, may not always be possible or healthy for others. Truesdale is co-editor (along with Lisa Berkman) of the forthcoming book “Overtime: America’s Aging Workforce and the Future of Working Longer.” She also speaks with NPR in this…

What’s one (big) reason that it’s important to know which groups have been hardest hit by the coronavirus?


To better direct resources (temporary housing, PPE and testing) to those most vulnerable during the next wave of COVID-19, according to Jarvis Chen, one of the authors of the Harvard Pop Center working paper recently published using state public health data obtained by The Boston Globe.  Listen to Dr. Chen being interviewed on NPR, or read the summary.

Kubzansky shines light on happiness and health in this NPR podcast

Laura Kubzansky, PhD, Harvard Pop Center faculty member and co-director of the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, shares insights into how happiness relates to health in this podcast by WRVO Public Media, an NPR affiliate member station located in Oswego, NY.

Lisa Berkman speaks on NPR’s Here & Now on American Workplace Policies

Harvard Pop Center Director Lisa Berkman shares findings from the Work, Family & Health Network intervention study with Robin Young in this NPR story that aired on Here & Now. This news story, “Are American Workplace Policies Stuck in the 1950s?,” is part of NPR’s focus this month on what factors shape health, the topic of a recent poll by NPR,  the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard T.H.…