Staff Listing

Taso Markatos
Chief Information Officer

Christopher Cahill
Senior User Support and Project Specialist

Caryn D’Agostino
Oracle DBA and System Administrator

Bill Dantowitz
Server Administrator

Shawn DeAntonio
Senior Audio-Visual Systems Engineer

Ramon Delacruz
System Administrator

Deane Eastwood
Deputy Chief Information Officer

Steve Ferrandino
Director of Administrative Application Development

Alex Garcia-Rangel
Special Projects and Systems Lead

Luis Guerra
User Support Specialist

Marie Henggeler
User Support Specialist

Jeremy Herbert
User Services Co-op

Noah Hulbert
Helpdesk Team Lead

Paul Katz
Server Administrator

Lucy Killewo
Instructional Technologist

Julia King
Educational Video Production Specialist

Nneka Lamarre
User Support Specialist

Dan Mahoney
System Administrator (CBAR)

David Marshall
Senior Web and Application Developer

Guillaume Molter
Web and Application Developer

Dan Parlin
Helpdesk and User Services Manager

Brian Pedranti
Server Manager

TJ Porter
User Services/METS Intern

Erin Provensal
Senior Instructional Technologist

Christopher Riley
Video Production Specialist

Julie Riley
Manager of Digital Learning

Matthew Ronn
Director of Infrastructure

Andrew Ross
Security Manager

David Shelton
Media Services Support Specialist

Bob Spector
SIS Programmer (contract)

Anne-Marie Stathis
Senior Technology Support Specialist

Maxwell Pikcilingis
User Support Specialist

Rick Sheiber
Educational Video Production Specialist

Laurie Sutherland
Senior SIS Programmer and Application Developer

Christopher Ternan

Chris Thayer
Educational Video Production Specialist

Ian Tosh
Manager of Media and Educational Technology Services

Donald Tracia
Learning Designer

Jacob Van Heemst
User Services Co-op

Nathan Varney
Server Administrator II

Sejal Vashi
Learning Designer

Kevin Wnek
Manager of Web and Application Development