Website Hosting


HSPH offers basic hosting of websites free of charge for departments, centers, faculty members, research projects, offices and other operations of the school across many different servers. Disk quota for any user account is 100 MB. Additional space is charged at the rate of $11/MB/YR.

The HSPH web site is housed across many servers including:

  1. Main Web Server
    This is the main WordPress server.
  2. Archival Web Server
    Our archival server holds deprecated and older content previously hosted on our main web server.
  3. Blogs Web Server
    This is our internal WordPress instance devoted to HSPH Faculty/Researcher/Department blogs. 
  4. Application Web Server [COMING SOON]
    These servers are suitable for interactive applications that create dynamic results, publish static pages to the main web server, save data to a database, interact with other systems around the school and University

    The HSPH Web Team has established practices for working with Harvard PIN, LDAP, Harvard Credit Card System, iSite and Icommons Custom Tool Creation, Registrar’s Office SIS through previous projects.Requirements: Employees and/or consultants utilizing programming resources must be skilled in programming and application security. All programs will be reviewed by HSPH web team prior to launching applications. All projects should begin with a consultation with the web team as many applications are recyclable and can be repurposed. A list of preferred vendors is available for large projects.
  1. Database server
    This server provides the database engine for database driven websites and interacts with our application web servers.Technology: WINDOWS/MS SQL 2000
  2. Google server
    This server is HSPH’s custom Google search appliance. It indexes HSPH on a weekly basis. Synonyms, key words, custom weighting and excluding of sites is available.
  3. Video servers
    HSPH has two video servers that run RealNetwork’s Helix software for live and on-demand video streaming of events and courses. These servers interact with Media Service’s Accordent Capture Stations and Anystream Apreso capture stations that are located in the HSPH control room. Each server has a 60 concurrent user license.
  4. Future servers
    HSPH is upgrading its application servers to CF Enterprise Edition which will enable load balancing and add java server pages (JSP) as an acceptable middleware language choice for hosting at HSPH. It will also enable J2EE applications to run for more advanced applications. The first new application server was installed in late-August 2006. Once application servers have been upgraded, a more formal staging server will be established. Redundant SQL servers are also planned.
  5. Cambridge servers
    The web operation at HSPH also relies upon services of the university that are hosted on central servers.These servers includes iSites/MyHSPH and courseware, PIN/LDAP, and Harvard Credit Card Service.