graduationIn November, March and May, 12 doctoral and 18 master’s students graduated with degrees from the Department. Congratulations to all! Our graduates scattered near and far, and took positions in academia, government and industry.  Alumni, as always, please send your job updates to Jelena Follweiler, and let us know if you would be interested in talking to our current students about your career, or submitting a brief story about what you’re doing for this weekly update. We would like to present a semi-annual seminar for our students which allows them to talk to biostatisticians in the field.  And if you find yourself in town and have time to stop by, let us know and we’ll set up an impromptu meeting with interested students.  

12 PhDs

Denis Agniel, Emmanuel Dimont, Lauren Kunz, Zhonghua Liu, Matey Neykov, Yuanyuan Shen, Elizabeth Smoot Malecha, Adam Sullivan, Wai-Ki Yip, Florence Yong, Yifan Zhang, and Rui Zhao

18 SMs

Ritam Chowdhury, Maha Farhat, Seth Greenwood, Yichen Guo, Samuel Hsiao, Yu Jiang, Joanna Kaplanis, Jose Malagon Lopez, Yi Mao, Eleanor Murray, Jing Sheng, Olukayode Sosina, Lu Wang, Sijia Wang, Jing Wen, Cenk Yildirim, Jing Zhao, Xiaotong Zhu