Summer Projects

The Biostatistics Summer Projects Presentations will be held on Tuesday, August 25, starting at 1:30 – 5 pm in Kresge 502, and continuing on Wednesday morning 10:30 am – 12:30 pm in Kresge G3. These are draft titles, and may change before the presentations.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 (Kresge 502)

Session 1: hosted by Isabel Fulcher

1:30 PM    Maldonado Rueda, Noé   
Association of maternal nutrition with developmental outcomes in HIV-exposed uninfected infants
1:45 PM    Fulcher, Isabel
Mediation Analysis Applied to Survival Outcomes: Effect of HIV Infection on Sexual Maturation
2:00 PM    Talbot, Octavious
Determining the Risk of Mortality in South Sudan: Sickle Cell
2:15 PM    Liao, Shirley
Making Out Like A Bandit: Comparative Diagnostics for Equal Group Sequential, Bayesian Adaptive Randomized and Optimal Adaptive Randomized Designs on a Multi-Arm Phase Three Trial
2:30 PM    Comment, Leah
Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis to Unmeasured Confounding in Mediation
2:45 PM    Ocampo, Alex
Semiparametric Likelihood Imputation Coarsening Emulation
3:00 PM    Zaidi, Jaffer   
Adapting the Sufficient Cause Framework for Ordinal Outcomes

3:15 PM    Break 

Session 2: hosted by Daphne Tsoucas

3:30 PM    McCaw, Zachary    
Applying Panda to eQTL Networks
3:45 PM    Tsoucas, Daphne  
Building Tissue-Specific Gene Regulatory Networks: An Application of PANDA to GTEx
4:00 PM    Kangeyan, Divy
Bioinformatic analysis of single cell epigenetic data
4:15 PM    Madsen, Thomas 
Simulating tumor suppressor gene inactivation under two modes of fitness inheritance
4:30 PM    Barback, Joshua 
Cell Phone Accelerometry
4:45 PM    Ferlic, Jeremy
Evaluating surrogate outcomes for Electronic Health Record (EHR) data


Wednesday, August 26, 2015 (Kresge G3)

Session 3: host to be determined

10:30 AM McGee, Glen 
Mixed Effects Models in the Presence of Outcome Dependent Sampling
10:45 AM  Mosesso, Kelly
Estimating Random Effects of Generalized Linear Mixed Effects Models with Informative Cluster Size
11:00 AM  Tracy, Samuel 
Two-phase case-control studies with clusters
11:15 AM  Sloan, Abigail  
Evaluation of complete case analysis and missing indicator method when studying disease heterogeneity
11:30 AM  Huang, Theodore
Using Frailty Models to Improve Risk Prediction of Breast and Ovarian Cancer
11:45 AM  Townes, Will  
Family Based Association Tests for Rare Variants
12:00 PM  Talbot, Tracy, Mosesso, and Ocampo