Appointments 2015

Scott CarterScott L. Carter joined the department as Assistant Professor of Computational Biology. Dr. Carter is based at the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at DFCI.

HMS Assistant Professor of Medicine Rui Wang (PhD ‘08), who is mentoring Biostats students and postdocs

HMS Assistant Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine Bethany Hedt-Gauthier (PhD ‘08), who is teaching BIO 507(Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation) with Professor Marcello Pagano

HMS Assistant Professor of Pathology Martin Aryee (PhD ‘08), who is teaching BIO 227 (Fundamental Concepts in Gene Mapping)

HMS Assistant Professor of Neurology Brian Healy (PhD ‘07), who is teaching introductory biostatistics for students in the new blended EPI MPH and DrPH programs, as well as biostatistics courses for our King Abdulaziz University MPH program and Catalyst.   

Shirley Liu and Xihong Lin have both been appointed as Professors of Statistics in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Shirley has taught Stat115/Biost 298 (Introduction to Computational Biology) for many years, which is a course for both undergrad and graduate students.

Franziska and Eric

We celebrated promotions to full professor for two of our faculty this spring: Professor of Computational Biology Franziska Michor and Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiologic Methods Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen (PhD ‘06). Congratulations!