CBQG Thesis Defense Schedule

Please join us for the following thesis defenses for the Computational Biology & Quantitative Genetics Master’s Program:

May 5, 1 PM, Bldg 2, Room 426
Wenqing Jiang
Statistical Methods to Combine Prediction Models

May 5, 2 PM, Bldg 2, Room 401
Danfeng Chen
Improving the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements by Considering Batch Effects and Biological Variability in ChIP-Seq of Data

May 5th, 4 PM, Bldg 2, Room 401
Mark Chaffin
Quantifying Heritability and Cross-Tissue Heritability of Gene Expression in a Range of Tissues Using the  Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Program

May 6th, 2 PM, Bldg 2, Room 401
Lana Awad
Computational Putative Function Assignment to Uncharacterized Genes in Metagenomic Samples

May 6th, 3 PM, Bldg 2, Room 401
Harold Wang
Linking Gene Expression Variability with Network Properties

May 6th, 4 PM, Bldg 2, Room 401
Haoquan Zhao
Comprehensive Analyses of Tumor Immunity

May 9th, 2 PM, Bldg 2, Room 426
Jorge Eduardo Buendia Buendia
Spatial Agent-Based Stochastic Modeling of Breast Cancer Development and Metastasis 

May 9th, 3 PM, Bldg 2, Room 426
Elizabeth Cheever
Identification of Candidate Epigenetic Drivers in Tumorigenesis