Another Great Year for StatStart Program

StatStart finished another successful year and held their final certificate ceremony on Friday. After undergoing an intense month of lectures from Harvard graduate students, the high school students presented their own projects illustrating the Law of Large Numbers, The Central Limit Theorem, Heard Immunity, and Data Analysis to an audience made up of family members, faculty and staff.

An intensive computing and biostatistics course geared towards under-represented minority and low income students from the Boston area and beyond, StatStart is intended to build the statistical skills of high school students with an interest in applying to college with a focus in STEM. 

In addition to expanding the horizons of program participants, the program helps build the teaching and outreach skills of student volunteer instructors, who this year included Jaffer Zaidi, Tom Madsen, Zack McCaw, Kelly Mossesso , Sam Tracy, and Octavious Talbot. The faculty lead for the project is Marcello Pagano.

According to Octavious Talbot, “We are eager to begin work on setting up for the third year, and are always accepting volunteer help!!”