Jeremiah Liu & Team Win Innovation Challenge

Doctoral student Jeremiah Liu was recently part of the winning team at the university-wide 10th Annual Harvard College Innovation Challenge. Along with Yulin Hswen andYulin Hswen, Jeremiah will receive a $10,000 McKinley Family grant for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Social Enterprise for their project “Planetary Health Watch”, an environmental surveillance system. Their real-time environmental hazard detection and notification software platform pools data from social media and other data sources to spot brewing environmental crises and alert the public and authorities. The team has already collected over 1 million online data points describing public concerns about the environment related to water and air quality. Their website will be launched in Fall 2017, and will offer a platform where individuals can actively report on the quality of the environment in which they live, with the hope of generating real-time hazard detection algorithms.