Summer Project Presentations: Schedule

Tuesday, August 22nd
1:30-5:30 pm
Reception to follow
Kresge 502

Please join us for the Biostatistics Summer Project Presentations and reception! Students work very hard on their projects and are excited to present their research.

Hosted by Lee Kennedy-Shaffer

1:30 PM  Dustin Rabideau
Estimation of CD4 Trajectory Using Inverse Probability of Censoring Weights When Data Are Missing Not at Random
Supervisor: Judith Lok

1:45 PM  Eric Dunipace
A Bayesian Stochastic Partitioning Model to Detect Associations Between Power Plants and Ambient Pollution
Supervisor: Cory Zigler

2:00 PM  Irina Degtiar
Average Treatment Effects in Randomized and Observational Data
Supervisor: Sherri Rose

2:15 PM  Sara Sauer
Cluster-Based Case Control Sampling in the Context of Program Monitoring and Evaluation: Design Considerations and Lessons from the Field Supervisor: Bethany Hedt-Gauthier / Sebastien Haneuse

2:30 PM  Kamrine Poels
Optimal Dosing of Osimertinib and Selumetinib in Patients with EGFR mutant NSCLC
Supervisor: Franziska Michor

2:45 PM  Lee Kennedy-Shaffer
The Effects of Stratification on Sample Size Requirements for Cluster-Randomized Trials
Supervisor: Michael Hughes

3:00 PM  Shayna Stein
A Mathematical Modeling Approach to Optimal Dosing for ATR Inhibitor, Radiation Combination Therapy
Supervisor: Franziska Michor


Host TBD

3:30 PM  Jonathan Larson
Estimating Parameters in Mechanistic Network Growth Models
Supervisor: JP Onnela

3:45 PM Greyson Liu
Step Estimation Using Smartphone-Based Accelerometer
Supervisor: JP Onnela

4:00 PM  Aaron Sonabend
Smartphone-Based Digital Phenotyping: Analysis of Social Behavior in a Brain and Spine Tumor Cohort
Supervisor: JP Onnela

4:15 PM  Kareem Carr
Ontology-Guided Model Building for Improved Interpretability of Genetic Analyses
Supervisor: Jeff Miller / Finale Doshi-Velez

4:30 PM  Linglin Huang
Analyze Fusion Transcripts and DNA Structural Variations in Multiple Myeloma Supervisor: Giovanni Parmigiani / Mehmet Kemal Samur

4:45 PM  Margaux Hujoel
The Role of Species-Specific Regulatory Elements in the Genetic Architecture of Human Diseases and Complex Traits
Supervisor: Alkes Price

5:00 PM  Andy Shi
Principal Component Methods for Multiple Phenotype–Multiple SNP Regression in Genetic Association Studies
Supervisor: Xihong Lin