Biostatistics Student Consulting Center: 2017 Year-End Update

The Biostatistics Student Consulting Center (BSCC) is celebrating one year of operation as a free student-to-student statistical consulting service staffed by biostatistics doctoral students and open to students conducting public health research. Since opening last year, 32 BSCC consultants have tackled 175 cases with over 95% of clients reporting that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience. Clients reported that the service was “long overdue” and “far exceeded expectations,” while biostatistics student consultants have found that it’s the “best way to learn about practical issues in data analysis”.

BSCC founder Emily Slade will step down in 2018 as the newly-elected BSCC President, Michele Zemplenyi, will lead the center. Doctoral students Dustin Rabideau, Emma Thomas, and Tony Thaweethai have also been elected to leadership positions on the 2018 BSCC Board. Please visit our website for more information about the BSCC!