Upcoming Career Development Events

The Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM) invites our students and postdocs to visit with a recent Harvard astrophysicist PhD currently in the malaria group at the Institute for Disease Modeling in Bellevue, Washington, to learn more about career opportunities in data science at IDM.

Joint with the Office of Alumni Affairs and Career Advancement

Tuesday, February 27th
1:00pm-2:00pm | Building 2, Room 426 | Lunch provided

Consulting in the Biostatistical Sciences:
A Department of Biostatistics 4-part Mini-Symposium

This will be a first ever Department of Biostatistics 4-part series of mini-sessions covering the various facets and forms biostatistical consulting can take, across academic (tenure track/non), nonprofit, private and CRO settings, and with various funding forms (hard/soft money, etc.).  Sessions will be informal panel discussion style with lots of Q&A!  Bring your questions! Look for RSVP info for each event, to follow.

Part 1:  “Biostatistics consulting within the academic/nonprofit setting: Day 1

Join panelists Renee Moore from Emory University; Kim Love from K. R. Love Quantitative Consulting and Collaboration; Megan Higgs from both Montana State University and Neptune and Company, for a brief and lively discussion with Q&A!
 This will be an interactive video webinar.

Wednesday, February 28 | 1:10pm-2:25pm | Kresge 202A


Part 2:  “Biostatistical consulting within the academic/nonprofit setting: Day 2

Join panelists Julia Sharp, Colorado State;  Emily Griffith, NC State;  David Kline, Ohio State for a brief and lively discussion with Q&A!
 This will be an interactive video webinar.

Thursday, March 1 | 11:40am-12:55pm | Kresge 202A


Part 3:  “Biostatistical consulting within the private sector

Join Department of Biostatistics alumni panelists Mei Sheng Duh, MPH, ScD, James Signorovich, PhD, and Jing Zhao, SM, PhD, from the Analysis Group for discussion on consulting in private, financial, and healthcare sectors, including the landscape for this in the age of data science.
 This will be an in-person panel of local speakers.

Friday, March 2 | 1:00-2:30pm | Building 2 Rm 426 1-2pm; Rm 401 2-2:30


Part 4:  “Biostatistical Consulting from the CRO and small consulting group perspective

Join panelists (some alumni, and some CEOs) from local CROs Prometrika, Cytel, and other firms for discussion and Q&A around this unique perspective.
 This will be an in-person panel of local speakers.

Wednesday, March 7 | 1:00-2:30pm | Building 2 Rm 426

RSVP info for event to follow.

“The Delicate Career-Family-Life Balance, Career Trajectories,
Job Search Insights, and Other Advice”

A Lunchtime Career Chat with Emily Fox, University of Washington

Joint with the Harvard Data Science Initiative, Harvard Biostatistics, Harvard Statistics and Harvard Computer Science Departments

Join masters and doctoral students, as well as postdocs from these 3 departments for an informal lunch chat with Emily Fox where she will shed light on her own experiences and insights into work-family balance, career trajectories and changes, the job search process, what exactly an ‘Amazon Professor of Machine Learning’ is, the interfacing of statistics, computer science, engineering and data science and what that means for a career, teaching, and much more.

Emily earned bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering (EE), and a PhD in EE and Computer Science from MIT. Following her PhD, she took a postdoc at Duke (Department of Statistical Science) for several years before joining the faculty at The Wharton School, Department of Statistics at UPenn. She then moved to the University of Washington in 2012 where she is now Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. Come meet Emily in this informal setting before her colloquium talk!

Monday, March 5 | 1:00-2:30pm (drop in as you can) | Kresge 202A

RSVP:  Lunch is provided so please RSVP to Valerie Coffee (vcoffee@hsph.harvard.edu)

Questions: Direct to Erin Lake (eklake@hsph.harvard.edu), Francesca Dominici, or Valerie Coffee