Consulting in the Biostatistical Sciences: A Department of Biostatistics 4-Part Mini-Symposium

The department has recently been hosting a 4-part series of mini-sessions on consulting in the statistical sciences, with 3 of the sessions now complete (the 4th session, on CROs, is being rescheduled for April due to a snow storm).  Students brought insightful questions and learned a great deal from our 6 guests who joined us from academic positions all over the country, as well as from our 3 private sector guests who joined us in person here in Boston.  Two of the sessions were conference video webinars, utilizing BlueJeans technology, which allowed panelists from Montana, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado, to be ‘virtually’ present in the room with students and Instructor Erin Lake, while informative talks and lively discussion ensued between all participants.  Consulting and collaboration in biostatistics are activities nearly every student and graduate of our program will encounter.  Many thanks to our student BSCC leadership and consultants for helping to make this mini-series such a success!  Please contact Dr. Erin Lake if you’d like a link to one of our webinar session recordings.