Another Successful Summer Program Concludes

On July 18-20, the six-week Summer Program in Biostatistics & Computational Biology culminated with an extremely successful three days of workshops, symposium, meetings, reunions, and celebration. All Summer Program activities were designed to increase diversity in the field of Biostatistics by promoting underrepresented minority students.

This year, Betty Johnson, Assistant Dean for Faculty and Staff Diversity, Development and Leadership at the Chan School of Public Health kicked off the Symposium with a fabulous and inspiring welcome address. The keynote speaker at the symposium was summer program alumnus and Department graduate, Aaron Foster, who is currently Vice President of Business Analytics & Insights at Pfizer and a lecturer in Applied Analytics at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies

There were many networking opportunities and a panel discussion with the External Advisory Board and alumni from previous summer programs representing the years 1995-2017.

The summer program also hosted five visiting faculty from minority serving colleges and universities to acquaint them with our department so that they can encourage their students to consider pursuing Biostatistics at Harvard.

These events require an enormous amount of work and participation from faculty, students and staff. The Summer Program would like to thank the following people:

  • Marcello Pagano: Program Director
  • Megan Scott: Program Coordinator
  • Rafa Irizarry, John Quackenbush, Marcello Pagano, Heather Mattie, Kimberlee Gauvreau: Faculty who mentored summer student research projects.
  • Brent Coull & David Wypij: Faculty who mentored post-baccalaureate intern research projects
  • Heather Mattie, Pamela Rist, Julie Buring, Tom Madsen, Beth Welch: Instructors for Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Computing and GRE prep courses
  • Kamrine Poels, Daniel Briggs, Isabel Fulcher, Jaffer Zaidi, Camila Lopes-Ramos, Mingxiang Teng, Rolando Acosta: Graduate students and post-docs who mentored the summer students’ research
  • Brent Coull, Heather Mattie, Xiao-Li Meng, Marcello Pagano, John Quackenbush, Paige Williams, David Wypij, Xihong Lin: Faculty, deans, and post-docs who presented at our Visiting Faculty Workshop
  • Martin Aryee, Rebecca Betensky, Julie Buring, Bethany Hedt-Gauthier, Curtis Huttenhower, Betty Johnson, Erin Lake, Xihong Lin, Marcello Pagano, Paige Williams, Tamarra James-Todd, Francesca Dominici, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Sherri Rose, Heather Mattie: Faculty who gave seminars and met with the summer students
  • Kaitlin Cook, Shirley Liao, Sam Tracy, Jaffer Zaid, Kamrine Poels, Isabella Nogues, Rolando Acosta: Graduate students who met with the Visiting Faculty
  • Minerva Cordero, Melody Goodman, Scarlett Bellamy, Knashawn Morales, DeJuran Richardson: External Advisory Board
  • Nicole Levesque, Amanda King: Staff who led the Writing, Public Speaking and Resume Workshops
  • Amanda King & Shaina Andelman: Staff took photos and helped with the posters and programs
  • Valerie Coffee, Amanda King, Susan Luvisi, Shaina Andelman, Nicole Levesque: Staff who helped with significant coordination
  • Elizabeth Solinga, Glo Nova, Rachel Boschetto, Kathleen Hong: Staff who helped with financial oversight