Lagakos Distinguished Alumni Award – Thursday

Dr. Amy H. Herring will be this year’s recipient of the annual Lagakos Distinguished Alumni Award.

Dr. Herring graduated from the department in 1999, after she defended her dissertation on “Missing Covariates in Survival Analysis.” Her advisor was Dr. Joseph G. Ibrahim. Dr. Herring is currently the Sara & Charles Ayres Professor of Statistical Science & Global Health at Duke University.

She has distinguished herself through her widely acclaimed research contributions to public health and biostatistics, and her outstanding record of service to our profession.

Thursday, October 11, 2018
3:45-4:45pm | Kresge G2
Coffee & Tea served at 3:30pm
Reception to follow in FXB Atrium

“Statistics for Science’s Sake”

From decapitated cats (my first Harvard biostatistics project!) to birth defects (my second project and continued scholarly focus) and beyond, we will consider a series of case studies of scientific problems that pose interesting statistical challenges motivating new methodological development. We will address the motivating scientific problems, drawbacks of existing or standard analysis approaches, and the process of collaboration in multiple disciplines, with a focus on strategies for generating ideas for research beyond graduate school and throughout one’s career.