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Harvard Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellows Research Fund

Deadline: November 29, 2018 

The goal of the Harvard Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow Research Fund is to incentivize and support cross-disciplinary collaboration between data scientists at the postdoctoral level. We are particularly interested in funding research proposals that aim to:

  • Investigate novel applications of data analysis techniques (broadly defined), particularly by transferring methodology from one field to another;
  • Share and combine existing but distinct data sets to gain new insights into a problem;
  • Involve new collaborations between researchers in separate departments (or fields of research);
  • Explore new methods that may help to improve the public understanding of complex technical issues or areas of research.

Funds may be used to hire students, buy access to data or software; or for travel and conference fees. Proposed projects should take a maximum of one year to complete. Successful applicants will be provided the opportunity to present results at the DSI conference, normally held in the Fall.

The Harvard Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows
Deadline: December 4, 2018

The Harvard University Data Science Initiative is seeking applications for its Harvard Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows Program for the 2019-2020 academic year. The normal duration of the Fellowship is two years. Fellows will receive a generous salary as well as an annual allocation for research and travel expenses.

We are looking for researchers whose interests are in data science, broadly construed, and including researchers with both a methodological and applications focus. Fellows will be provided with the opportunity to pursue their research agenda in an intellectually vibrant environment with ample mentorship. We are looking for independent researchers who will seek out collaborations with other fellows and with Harvard faculty.

The Harvard Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellows Program is supported by the Harvard Data Science Initiative. The Harvard Data Science Initiative involves faculty from across the University.

Industry Talk – Eric Ma, Novartis

The Harvard Data Science Initiative is delighted to announce that the next speaker in our Data Science in Industry seminar series will be Eric Ma of Novartis. Eric will talk about his work with Data Science at Novartis and more generally an industry career in Data Science.

The seminar will be held on Monday November 26th from 5-6.30pm.The talk will last approximately 45 minutes, leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion (refreshments are also provided). The event will be held at the DSI’s offices in Cambridge (8 Story St) or a larger venue in Cambridge if necessaryPlease RSVP.

The speaker schedule for upcoming seminars can be found on the Harvard DSI website