HDSI Industry Seminar Series with Steve Sain – 12/3

Industry Seminar Series:
Steve Sain, Jupiter Intel

Tuesday, December 3rd

5 – 6:30 PM

Sever Hall 213 – Harvard Yard


Data science and the estimation of coastal flood risk

In 2017, the US faced over $300 billion in losses from hurricanes, severe weather, flooding, drought, fire, etc. These national catastrophes are placing an increasing burden on the public and are projected to worsen in the future. Jupiter Intelligence provides facility-level, probabilistic information about how these risks are evolving with climate change to aid companies in operational and long-term asset planning. Jupiter has brought together a team of experts on climate, weather, ocean dynamics, hydrology, fire, and data science along with software engineering to integrate cutting-edge computational models, machine learning, and applied statistics in a cloud-based platform. In this talk, I’ll give a brief overview of my background, Jupiter’s platform and approach to geophysical modeling, and how data science plays a crucial role. I’ll also dive deeper into some of our data science projects, including how we use extreme value methods in a big-data environment.