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Career Development Series Events

Welcome to Spring Semester, and the 2020 Department of Biostatistics Career Development Series!

We hope that any of our students, postdocs, faculty and staff, or any department member will take part in our series and enjoy a spring term of seminars, workshops, and invited guests! If you are interested in joining us as a guest (speaker), or have ideas regarding this series, please contact Dr. Erin Lake.

The semester will be strategically front-loaded with information-gathering seminars and workshops in order to best equip students with context, before transitioning into hearing more from and visiting with guests from out in the field. 

Monday, February 3, 2020
Wednesday, February 5

1-2pm | Room 426

Lunch provided
(same seminar, choose the most convenient day!)

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What Color is Your ‘Biostatistics’ Parachute?

Whether you are a doctoral or master’s student, have you ever wondered what the diagram of statistics, CBQG and data science career options looks like across academia, industry, the private and government sectors, consulting, non-profits and beyond?  Join Dr. Erin Lake (’01) for a broad outline and overview of the vast array of career opportunities made accessible by a degree in biostatistics, CBQG, or health data science, as well as comparisons between these sectors.  What’s it like to work on a team in Pharma…or for a CRO—and what is a CRO?  What range of roles is there in academia, and what types of funding?  Are there non-faculty research roles and what are those like? Where can one find a consulting role as a statistician?  What is the role of a data scientist in pharma or biotech? What might be a role for a statistician in government? We’ll discuss the larger picture, but also delve into details of what each sector might focus on from a statistical or data science perspective.

Many of our students inquire about such information, so we will hit on a sampling of requested topics in this seminar, with opportunity for discussion and sharing by students as well.  All are welcome.  If need be, we will reserve an upcoming lunch hour to hit on additional topics that come up or that we don’t have time to cover in this seminar.
Monday, February 10

1-2pm | Room 426

Lunch provided

Preparing for the Job Interview in Biostatistics and/or Data Science

This interactive workshop with Dr. Erin Lake is geared toward both our Master’s and PhD students. Learn tips on how best to prepare and present yourself after landing the interview. No matter the role or degree level going into the interview, most interview processes share common, basic elements.  Differences in the interview process across sectors in the field (academia versus industry, or biostatistics versus health data science, say), will also be discussed, depending on the interests of attendees at the workshop.  Participants will also get some practice interviewing (this is optional).
Wednesday, February 12

1-2pm | Room 426

Lunch provided
CV, Resume and Cover Letter Working Session

This interactive workshop with Dr. Erin Lake is geared toward both our Master’s and PhD students. Learn tips on how best to present yourself with your CV or resume, cover letter, and online presence, for academia, industry, and more.  Please bring 2-3 copies of your well-developed (reviewed already) and pre-edited working CV and/or cover letter.  We will focus on strengthening these materials from the biostatistics, CBQG, and HDS perspectives. ​


Monday, February 24

1-2pm | Rm 426

Lunch provided

Lunchtime Career Chat with Alumnae from the Biostatistics PhD program

Learn from several recent department alumnae out in the field in either academic or industry roles.


Tuesday, February 25 (note date change)

1-2pm | Room TBD

Lunch provided

Lunchtime Career Chat with Alumnae from the SM Biostatistics, CBQG and HDS programs

Learn from department alumnae out in the field in roles ranging from larger pharma to smaller CROs, consulting groups and non-profits. Bring questions for lively discussion! Kara Higgins, SM from PROMETRIKA, and Ashley McKhann, SM from CBAR will visit! Both will have experience, advice and information on internships they completed, the organizations they now work for, and insight into the student experience and job search process.


*Spring is a busy time at the Office of Career Services (OCS) at GSAS. PhD students should keep an eye on their impressive calendar of events for programs such as ‘Women in STEM Career Panel Meet & Greet’, and the Biotech, Pharma and Healthcare Expo coming up this Friday, January 31, 2020. Note that Laura Stark, Director of Graduate Career Services for GSAS holds drop-in office hours in the Longwood area on alternate Mondays. Sign up here to meet with Laura (who visited us last fall on the topic of CV development)!

*The HCSPH Office of Alumnae Affairs and Career Advancement spring events calendar can be found here, and includes workshops on resume writing, interview prep, salary negotiation, and more, for all students.

*Students can also find interesting reads and keep up with the field via sources including but not limited to ASA’s Amstat News, and the popular This is Statistics site.

*Members of our department can also access the department Slack channels for internship and job opportunities