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Career Development Series

Thanks to all who have been participating! We are learning a lot from each other and having some great discussions amidst this very challenging time. If you have input regarding this series, please contact Erin Lake

Lunchtime Informal Q&A Discussion Around Current Challenges in Job/internship/research-project Searches

Join fellow (current) students and postdocs in a supportive setting to connect and share questions, challenges, experiences and insights around the current state of job/internship/research-project search activities.  Some opportunities have been cancelled amidst the pandemic, while others have become available.  This is an opportunity for members of the department to share and learn from one another regarding how various areas of our field are faring, and accommodating (or not) the global scene.  Any (current) Master’s student, PhD student, postdoc, or recent alum of the department is invited to this meeting.
This Friday, April 24, 2020 – focus on Master’s level current search activity
1:00-2:00pm | RSVP here
Zoom Info:
Dial-in:  +1 929 436 2866


‘The ins and outs of applying for faculty positions’
Lunchtime Career Chat with Jessica Gronsbell ‘17
We are thrilled to have Jesse back to visit and share her insights into the current academic job market and search process!

Jesse Gronsbell is currently a data scientist at Alphabet’s Verily Life Sciences. Prior to joining Verily, she earned her PhD in the department under the direction of Tianxi Cai, and then was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Biomedical Data Science at Stanford with Lu Tian.  Jesse’s research focuses on the development of statistical and machine learning methods to understand the digital phenotype – the health information that is left behind in the digital data we generate in our everyday lives.

Jesse made the decision to return to academia this year and has just completed her job search.  She is thrilled to be joining the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto, also with a faculty affiliation at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, starting this summer.  In this talk, Jesse will share what she learned in her application process in hopes of helping those interested in pursuing a role in academia.
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
1:00-2:00pm | RSVP here
Zoom Info:
Dial-in:  +1 929 436 2866


Looking to hone your public speaking skills amongst fellow students right here at Harvard Chan?

Check out The HSPH Toastmasters Gavel Club 2019-20!

Next meeting: Wednesday April 22, from 1:00-2:00pm.

Public speaking is a critical skill in our field as we must often explain and present technical information and interpretation to collaborators, fellow biostatisticians, other scientists, or even business administrators.

The HSPH Toastmasters Gavel Club meets once per month, providing a safe space for students who want to practice their public speaking skills, practice a pitch, or practice a presentation. The group provides informal, non-judgmental feedback, while also allowing participants to voice questions about public speaking in general amongst peers.  Contact Penny Sun for additional information.  (Several Department of Biostatistics students are officers of this helpful club!)

*SM and PhD students can access the Office of Alumnae Affairs and Career Advancement.  Note that this office is still open for scheduling Zoom/virtual sessions with career counselors for assistance with basics around resume/CV development, editing, and much more.

*Note that all members of our department can access the department Slack channels (see emails with link) for internship and job opportunities, as well as connect to the Department of Biostatistics/Alumnae section of the LinkedIn network.

*PhD students can find many resources via the Office of Career Services (OCS) at GSAS. Laura Stark and her team are offering many opportunities via Zoom and other virtual platforms.

*All students can find interesting reads and keep up with the field via sources including but not limited to ASA’s Amstat News, and the popular This is Statistics site.