2019-20 Career Development Wrap Up with Dr. Erin Lake

There is a continuum of knowledge and experience between current and past members of our department that is critical to our programs, curriculum, research and teaching.  This feedback loop of sorts, helps to propel a scientific community forward in ways that prove advantageous.

Our department has been incredibly fortunate to have over 30 career development guests visit over the course of the 2019-2020 year, and many before that.  These individuals are alumni of the Department of Biostatistics, as well as other special guests currently working out in the fields of biostatistics, data science, computational biology and beyond.  We have been beneficiaries of a great wealth of knowledge and insight, experience and advice, carefully crafted slides and/or deliberate discussions—all so graciously shared by each of these guests.

An immense thank you is due to all of our alumni and other career development guests, as well as our students, postdocs, and any faculty and staff who have participated and thus contributed to the success of our career development series.  A very special thanks is due to Shaina Andelman and Trevor Bierig for all of their help throughout.

Thank you all!
-Dr. Erin Lake, ’01

Career Development Series speakers