Learning from the Wuhan COVID-19 Data on the Fly

COVID-19 Research publicationUpon an invitation by Nature Microbiology, former Biostat postdoctoral fellow Chaolong Wang and Professor Xihong Lin published a Behind the Paper blog entitled “Learning from the Wuhan COVID19 Data on the Fly” about their recent Nature paper on “Reconstruction of the full transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

The blog details the story and timeline behind the paper including:

  • The urgency in February and March, when the Wuhan team worked around the clock
  • The events that unfolded at Harvard before spring break
  • Dr. Lin’s Analysis of COVID-19 talk at HSPH on March 13th
  • The national petition calling for PPE for US healthcare workers on March 16th in response to the HSPH talk
  • Dr. Lin’s April 17 testimony at the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee

The blog also provides the key takeaways of the findings from the paper. Read the full post here.