Career Development Seminar: Spotlight on Health Data Science

Career Development Series

Conquering the Interview: Spotlight on Health Data Science
2 consecutive Mondays, September 21 and 28, 2020  |  11:30—1:00pm EST
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Heather Mattie and Erin Lake invite you to these seminars jointly offered by the Career Development Series and the Health Data Science Capstone.  

Distinct hiring cycles exist in various areas of our field, with that for data science typically commencing sooner in the year than the traditional biostatistics and computational biology roles.  With that said, some traditional roles now also incorporate data science in various ways.  Join us for an overview of the (health) data science interview process, including input and notes from students who have gone before you, insights and advice from faculty, a visit with several special guests in hiring roles out in the field, and a practice interview session.  More info to follow.  (Open to all students in the Department of Biostatistics.  Geared toward SM students.)

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